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That Toll Plaza Feeling at 109th and Broadway

Here's more grist for the mill of the occasional chain-hater, care of the blog of The Stamford Review (mentioned here Friday). One "Simon K." gazes at the block front pictured above?Broadway between West 109th and 110th?and bemoans "its complete lack of contextual design." Put your urban theory caps on:

While this lament is not new, one realizes that these types of structures were built for a situation far different than the hyper-urban setting of Manhattan: the strip mall or toll plaza. Large white, buff, or gray buildings with oversized logos on every side were simply made for quick viewing from a road. ... These anchors, rather than buoying a block, tend to drag it down, allowing for the flood of other lesser (or at least more tenuous) retail chains to populate any and all unoccupied spaces.A commenter, who's right on that slippery slope with Simon, says: "This man is obviously a genius. Even if the loan sharks did break all his fingers."
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