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Shield Your Home with the Shvomin Shield

If there's one thing we've learned over the past few years, it's that terrorists want to invade your luxury floor-through loft to eat all the Fiji apples in your Subzero, reheat their leftovers on your Viking Range, and drink up all the riesling in your personal wine cooler. Thank God, then, for the brave souls at the Townhouse Management Company and Michael Shvo, who are putting an end to the tyranny and the living in fear. At the Aurora, the new development that is just seven 3,200-square-foot condos on top of an extended-stay Marriott in Murray Hill, they are offering the latest in high-tech amenities, including thumbprint-activated elevator security. According to the New York Times, two of the seven units have already been snatched up by partners in the project. Clearly they are confident in the security system (but apparently not in the 24-hour doorman), but we were taken aback when we came across a schematic of the thumbprint apparatus on the Shvo website. If this picture falls into the wrong hands?well, let's not go there. The Aurora will open with a cocktail party tomorrow evening inside Penthouse E. We have no idea how anyone will be able to get up there.
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