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It Happened One Weekend: The Case Against TiWa

1) How to label the neighborhood from 54th Street to 63rd Street between Broadway and West End Avenue? It's more than just Columbus Circle, considering new fancy developments like 15 Central Park West and Element (right). How about just "Expensive?" Or, you know, Midtown West. [NYPost]
2) When the co-founder of Studio 54 makes a nosebleed joke, you know it's a good day. Dakota Smith passes along word that 8 units at 40 Bond have gone into contract, and Ian Schrager is taking the penthouse himself. Plus, there's a new glass tower coming to Chelsea and our old friends at The Apartment are looking to the MTA for inspiration. [Dakota Smith/NYPost]
3) The Times' Real Estate cover story this weekend was about serial movers. Chief among them is Curbed favorite Rachel Natalie Klein, who has lived in seven apartments in the past five years. Why is she a Curbed favorite? Because she's the Harlem bagel lady! [NYTimes]
4) It's hard to imagine having your first marital residence be a 361-square-foot studio on St. Marks Place, but this couple did it. Needless to say, they had to get away before they went crazy. The Medjool dates of Park Slope were tempting, but their names weren't picked out of the hat. Can these newleyweds find a Brooklyn love nest? [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
5) An 1,800-square-foot, two-bedroom prefab house is heading to the Bronx. Better start tithing now, lest the Toll Brothers decide to smite you. [NYPost]
6) Real headline or Onion headline? Fire: The New Granite. [NYTimes]