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Trader Joe's To Open On St. Pat's Day

According to today's NYPost, Trader Joe's in Union Square is set to open on March 17th. The paper is all about TJ's today, giving you 1,500 words of love spread across two articles that provide some truly great quotes.

Software designer David Galbraith pronounces himself "stoked." East Village resident Brooke Nipar has been talking about it for months. And artist E.V. Day says she's "so excited I'm frothing at the mouth." The event that has them in such a dither: the opening of a gourmet food store on 14th Street near Union Square. In a city already awash in enough extra-virgin Tuscan olive oil and organic fingerling potatoes to keep an army of foodies in rations until the next millennium, that might seem an odd cause for jubilation. But this isn't just any gourmet food store - it's the city's first outpost of Trader Joe's, set to open March 17 at 142 E. 14th St., near Third Avenue.

Just in case you are still confused by the hysteria surrounding the opening of what is in essence just another grocery store, this quote may help clear things up, "It's unique among retail food stores. It's kind of like the Grateful Dead of supermarkets." There you have it.
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