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The Official Alternatives to Craigslist List

Ye Olde Craigslist had planned to start charging rental brokers $10 a listing starting tomorrow, which made now seem like as good a time as any to check out the burgeoning world of Craigslist alternatives (even though we're firm believers that, for those on the apartment hunt, the new fee structure will improve the quality of rental listings in Craigland). As we're about to hit publish, comes this breaking news from Craig himself: "Based on feedback received through your emails and in this forum, we are not convinced we are ready to provide the level of customer service required for paid postings in the NYC apartment categories, and will be postponing charging by at least 2 weeks. More details to come."

Stand down! Still, for the sheer pleasure of the linkdump, here's a rundown of other major NYC players in the free web listings game.

· Edgeio. Just-launched decentralized listings for bloggers and their ilk (previous)
· CityLeases. Horrifying interface but reasonable ad volume
· Matchifieds. From the folks behind (previous)
· Oodle. Can't place ads here, but good classified metasearch
· Plugstar. Low listings volume but pleasing layout like Craigslist
· Slick-looking newcomer with seeming potential
· SellStuffLocal. Hard to get excited about this drab entry
· Village Voice Classifieds. Classic gets a makeover. Lots of listings

Others we've missed? Favorites? Add thoughts to the comments or drop us a line.
· Confirmed: $10 Per Rental on Craigslist [Curbed]