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Rumblings & Bumblings: 'Radioactive Hole' in Billyburg

[It's that time of the week again, when fellow Curbed readers ask and answer each other's questions about just what the hell is going on around this town. Got a question, an answer, and perhaps a digital photo to share? Email Answers summarized in glorious Verdana on Thursday.]

1) Upper East Side: "Does anyone know what is being built at the corner of 72nd and 1st avenue on the Upper East Side? All the buildings are vacant, including the old HIGH LIFE restaurant at the corner." [Photo at right via A9 Maps]
2) Upper West Side: "Does anyone know what is happening with the former A&P site on the corner of West 70th St. and West End Ave? I previously heard it was going to be developed by the sponsors of the Majestic and Schawb House, then I heard they sold the land."
3) Chelsea: "Does anyone know what's happening to the building on the NW corner of 8th Ave and 16th street? When the bar/club Suite 16 closed (almost a year ago now?) at that site, the manager told me that the building was being torn down to build apartments, but walking home last night around midnight, the entrance was adorned once again with a velvet rope and a clipboard wielding bouncer (and possibly a Member's Only sign on the door). What's going on? Could Suite 16 be coming back?"
4) Chelsea: "Does anyone know what's up with 236 (or 234) West 17th st? It used to be a car repair garage or other such nonsense and is currently entering what looks to be the final phase of its gutting. Everyday on the walk to my office, which is right next door, I have to crank up the ipod and venture 12 feet into the street to avoid the deafening hydraulic dumptrucks that are being used to tear the place apart! I've heard it's going to be a hotel but can anyone confirm? It looks poised for the spotlight on a rather depressing street in Chelsea."
5) East Village: "I was wondering if you know what is going on on 13th street between ave a and 1st ave. they knocked down a ton of buildings (next to post office) a couple of months ago and dug a huge hole. the sign outside construction site says 13th -14th condos... but i want details."
6) East Village: "Do you guys know what is going up on St. Mark’s between 1st and 2nd on the South side of the street. It’s getting pretty tall."
7) Lower East Side: "Just wondering if you've heard anything about the new building going up on Stanton St at the corner with Clinton (between 162 Stanton and that mediocre tapas place)? I leave nearby and am curious about the plans (although it looks like just an ordinary building)."
8) Williamsburg: "We live off of Graham Ave. in Williamsburg at the corner of Jackson St. There is a huge hole in the ground on Jackson -btw Graham and Manhattan - that has been worked on for over a year now, with stalling due to radioactive materials found. We're afraid of what they're building there, do you have any idea?"