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Random Real Estate Rumors Roundup!

[Behold, four dizzying emails from Curbed readers like you that we can't quite find the moxie to break into their own posts. Got intel on any of this sordid gossip? You know what to do.]

1) Carroll Gardens: "I'm looking at the listings at the Court Street Lofts, and none of them seem sold or in contract. Is that true? Has the price stayed the same or been lowered? I know the location isn't prime but no nibbles seems like a big deal." (Separately, we received this invite for a TONY party at Court Street Lofts this Thursday. Drop us an email if you're an interested buyer and we'll network you with our TONY colleagues.)
2) Williamsburg: "I noticed that the Developers Group has been selling their new building The Aurora without listing ANY of the prices for individual units, even those that are unsold. Interestingly, too, many of the units seem to have sold regardless. I wonder what the thinking is behind this and if the practice is appearing anywhere else." (Okay, not a rumor exactly. But a good question.)
3) Midtown East/Upper East Side: "The following buildings are rumored to be going condo (said by tenants): L'Ecole at 212 E47 St., and River Terrace at 512 E72 St (now giving only short-term leases)."
4) Midtown East: "$58 million worth of Trump World Tower penthouses have disappeared off of Shvo and Elliman websites. The three listings onsisted of 89A, 89B, and full floor 90, offered at around $28 million, $16 million, and $12 million, respectivley. Maybe The Donald figured out that a co-exclusive between Michael Shvo and Dolly Lenz just wasn't going to work out."