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Hudson Heights Watch: Power of the Press(ure Washer?)

Two weekends ago, the Times' City Section took a stroll down three-block-long "Tunnel Street," that underground thoroughfare, circa 1913, frequented by pedestrians heading to and from the 191st St. stop on the 1 train?as well as crazed bicyclists on their way to near collisions?but nary a car. It serves the subway, yet the MTA gets to wash its hands of the dimly lit, graffiti-covered and usually trash-strewn tunnel from Broadway, because it's actually owned by the city (hence the street name). Call us crazy, but ever since that article ran, incorrectly labeled photo and all, the passageway looks a lot cleaner (as in more picked-up) after apparently getting more TLC than usual from city crews.
· A Passage Through Gloom Gives a Tunnel a Bad Name [NYT, TimesSelect]