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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Quiet Time for 70 Washington? (66 comments)
"Generally when someone tells me to hang out 'Down under an overpass', I generally think of dank darkness, garbage, mole people, and thunderous noise overhead, so why are people complaining?"
2) Confirmed: $10 per Rental on Craigslist (65 comments)
"so far, all analyses indicate that the $10 fee, is a major bargain, but I'd really appreciate alternative analyses. thanks! Craig"
3) Curbed Roundtable: February State o' the Market Report (44 comments)
"What do they mean when they say the market has 'literally' exploded with activity? Did something explode?"
4) On East 4th Street, No Liquor for You EU (33 comments)
"these people are not compaining about a neighborhood that's thriving, but being destroyed by the nightly (especially on weekends) influx of drunk and disorderly who arrive just to party, make noise, and trash the place and then go home to their neighborhoods, where this sort of stuff doesn't go on as much."
5) Domain, Eminently Mapped (26 comments)
"Danny [Goldstein] read the full post - I never said you lived IN a pit - actually you live across from a pit." "you are right, i misread what you wrote. you wrote the yeard is a pit. sure, it literally is a pit. and thats why everyone, or nearly everyone, would like to see development take place over that 'pit.'"