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On Bringing the Bandshell Back to Tompkins Square Park

Here's an obvious, neat idea: restore the bandshell to Tompkins Square Park in the East Village that was demolished in 1991. Nice try, sucker—it's 2006, so that alone won't do. Think bigger, people. Much bigger. Per The Villager:

"I know there are a lot of people that would like that space back," [Parks Conservancy's Ellen LeCompte] said. "A number of my friends who are performers would like it back. But I myself like it gone — unless we can get a really fabulous design by an architect like Frank Gehry."See how she did that? Mad respect. (Photo above courtesy The Villager, which runs this most excellent caption: "Another view of the band shell, with police in riot helmets standing watch.")
· Bring Back the Band Shell! Activists Stage Campaign [The Villager] UPDATE: Here's a gem sentence from the NYC Parks Dept. webpage concerning Tompkins Square Park: "Demonstrations in 1857 and 1875 about the lack of jobs and the poor economy gave way to local residents’ protests about gentrification in the 1980s and 1990s." Give or take a century or two.

BONUS: A little ways uptown, plans have been approved for the revamp of the northern end of Union Square. Here's the news you can use: "The Union Square North project will also include three bathrooms, one in the pavilion for the restaurant and park staff, and two in a single building to the east. One of the washrooms to the east will be accessible from the playground by children and their caregivers and the other will be accessible from the plaza by the general public."
· Board Committee Approves Final Union Square North Design [The Villager]