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More Corcoran: Channel Your Inner Ty Pennington

For anyone that's ever seen a poorly designed apartment and thought, "I could do a better job than that," now you have the chance to prove it. Lost in the hype over the recent Corcoran launch is quite possibly the coolest feature ever to be included on a real estate website. We'll let the NY Observer explain:

the Arrange-a-Room feature is sure to waste the most precious hours at work. Instead of simply gawking at floorplans, you can place pieces of furniture throughout the sprawling spreads, like this one at 30 Crosby Street. Just try to imagine how Lenny Kravitz or Courtney Love, who have condos in the Soho building, might have set up their pads. A Ping-pong table next to a bidet in the middle of the kitchen? Done.
Design away friends...
· Playing House at [The Real Estate]