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Corcoran Redesign: The Day in Curbed Email

At 2:15pm yesterday, Corcoran's Lara Berdine emails to let us know about the firm's redesigned website. Selected reader emails from the rest of the day:

2:16pm: "omg omg omg omg. has a new site design. must rearrange my whole life accordingly."
2:18pm: "NEW CORCORAN WEBSITE. Caution: Prolonged exposure may cause seizures."
2:31pm: "Not sure if you guys have seen the new Corcoran campaign, but this part of it is pretty funny."
3:57pm: "Check out their new site. No Barbara, and don’t miss the new ad campaign."
4:46pm: "why aren't you talking about the real news of the day? corcoran has a new web site and babs is nowhere to be found. we all knew this day was coming, but did they have to steal punxatawney phil's thunder? while the site retains most features, it's butt ugly."
10:17pm: "Barbara's gone!"

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