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On the Market: Moby Recruiting for Partridge Family

So why are we focusing on a property located in the town of Kent Cliffs, way up in Putnam County, 50 miles north of Manhattan? It's because this for-sale-by-owner isn't your typical FSBO. We have it on good authority that this home, dubbed "Partridge Hill," actually belongs to the mayor of the Lower East Side, Moby?a claim seemingly reinforced by the "featured in MTV Cribs" boast and the shitty ambient music playing in the background on the website. Up for sale for $3.5 million (or $2.85m for the main house and pool house and $700,000 for the guest house), the mountaintop retreat boasts 50-mile panoramic views, courtesy of having the highest residential elevation in Putnam County. The five-level, six-bedroom main house has all the amenities you'd expect from Mobes, including a Viking stove, spa and in-ground jacuzzi, rooftop observatory and 9,000 frickin' square feet of interior space. As a special bonus, there's a $10,000 friends and family bonus if you arrange for someone to buy the property, so get cracking!

After the jump, some interior photos of the main house. Nice!

Moby living room:

Moby master bedroom:

Moby bedroom:

Moby dining room:

Moby bathroom:

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