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Corcoran Redesign: the New Black

Judging by the 5,000 emails we received on the topic, you probably already know about the major redesign, which has de-Barbara'd the company for good (as if she would ever go with black). The excommunication of The Corcoran is to be expected, as the firm tries to carve out a post-founder identity of its own. But the thrilling new ad campaign is surely an unexpected surprise! It features the slogan "Live who you are," and we're sure the ads, such as the one at right, really exemplify that motto. Because "at Corcoran we know that it's never just a house or an apartment. It's where you live...and it's who you are. Live who you are." And if that means enjoying a cold glass of water in your immaculate kitchen in your white jeans with your shirt off and your six-pack looking ripped, then by all means go with it.
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