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Introducing: The Taco Bell Closings Mystery

Perhaps our favorite story of 2005 on Curbed was the fast food conspiracy plaguing Astoria. (Queensfolk, any updates?) Comes a reader tip to ignite what we hope might be an even darker underworld of deceit:

I don't know if this has already been asked, but... what is going on with Taco Bell locations in the city? The one on East 23rd and the one on Delancey are both closed. I don't run to the border that often, but I'm fairly sure these closures are recent.Theories welcome in the comments—and don't try to throw us off with claims of "rising rents." While we're trafficking in the dark arts, feel free to tackle this reader query, too: "Does anyone know of any actual, factual health risks living near the Holland Tunnel Ventilation Towers in terms of air quality?"
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