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The Hunt Redux: Bad Apples Trash Lobby

The Times' Joyce Cohen follows up her Hunt column from Sunday with some bonus material on the paper's Walk-Through blog (sort of like a DVD's deleted scenes). Apparently the super in the Midtown East rental building Lauren Siegel wound up in is sort of a big brother figure. After getting screened by Jackie Swiskey, the building's exclusive broker, prospective tenants must then meet the approval of Joe. So how's his record?

In Ms. Swiskey’s 14 years as the building’s broker, only one person was turned down on the super’s recommendation, Ms. Swiskey said. In two other cases, the super was hesistant. Those tenants moved in anyway. Both proved to be difficult, argumentative and critical of the lobby decor.And when you poke fun at the fleur de lis wallpaper, Joe doesn't get angry?he gets even! You don't even want to know where they're living now.
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