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Avalon Chrystie Whole Foods Update: Exit Options!

In a comment thread concerning the opening date of the Whole Foods at Avalon Chrystie Place on East Houston Street, a commenter raises an angle we hadn't considered:

Fact that Whole Foods is to open no later than March, 2006 was a material inducement to lease an apt. at Avalon Chrystie, means, at lessee's option, their lease could be declared null and void contract, and certainly encourage lessees not to renew [I'm a real estate attorney for over 30 yrs]. Saying that, if Whole Foods has broken any contractual performance covenants then why not invite Fairway, Stu Leonard, others in its place?Or what about—you see this coming, right?—oh yes.
· LES Whole Foods: See You in 2007? [Curbed]