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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: The $55 Million Fixer-Upper

1) So now that the Duke Semans mansion is off the market after selling for a disappointing $40 million, we need a new $50 million townhouse to obsess over. And wouldn't you know it, former Saturday Night Live producer and Woody Allen production partner Jean Doumanian and her banker husband have just listed their 18,000sf UES mansion for a staggering $55 million. The 50-foot-wide neo-French Renaissance townhouse was built in 1896 and has 25 rooms. The couple bought it from the Standard Oil estate in 1987 for $6.9 million. And here's the kicker: Not only do they not live in the place, but apparently it's also in need of much renovation and repair. No interior photos on the Elliman listing, unfortunately, but they do offer up that creepy-ass lion. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]

2) The $20 million Brooklyn Heights townhouse, which caused quite the sensation before being PriceChopped to $16 million, may finally have a suitor. Actress Liv Tyler has been spotted touring the place. But this one's a long shot: the home has temporarily been taken off the market and Tyler's publicist says she's staying in the West Village. [S.Jhoanna Robledo]

3) Gretsch Building kingpin Busta Rhymes involved in shooting in Greenpoint. [NYPost]

4 East 75th Street

4 East 75th Street, New York, NY