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Everywhere You Look, N.Y. Suns in 'Elite' Nabes

Inspired by the Sun's christening of "elite neighborhoods" as a part of its plan to give away the papers since not enough people are actually buying them, Elizabeth of Unhappy Medium taps out an outtatowners' primer on NYC nabes, as represented by actors on that classic gritty urban sitcom "Full House."

Financial District: John Stamos
Murray Hill: Candace Cameron
SoHo: Mary-Kate Olsen
Nolita: Ashley Olsen
Little Italy: Dave Coulier
Meatpacking District: Bob Saget

Windsor Terrace: Jodie Sweetin (above right)Apparently, Elizabeth is among the confused "Stephanie Tanners" of Brooklyn perplexed by her unrequested subscription to the paper:Given that I live in Windsor Terrace, in a building owned by a slightly insane and not-so-slightly xenophobic 94-year-old Italian woman, in a neighborhood where the most fashionable store is the Verizon outlet on Prospect Park West, I can't help but wonder ... There are few benefits to living in a marginal neighborhood, but not being lumped together with the Jimmy Choo-and-charities set is one I cherish. If this keeps up, I'm moving to Bay Ridge.· Elite and greet [Unhappy Medium]
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