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It Happened One Weekend: More Stanhope Excess

1) More awesome details about the Stanhope conversion. Once the condop residents move in to the old hotel (above), there will be a resident sommelier overseeing the building's wine cellar, and a "home technology consultant" to teach you how to turn your solid gold television on. As previously reported, the help will live in million-dollar first floor studios. By the way, we have proper butler training. [NYPost]
2) Much like the Times did a little while back, the Post runs through some prominent new developments running along the High Line, including 555 West 23rd and old Curbed favorite High Line 519. The 14 units in HL519 begin at $700,000 for a studio, fyi. [NYPost]
3) Dakota Smith offers up a handy guide to buying a condo based on floorplans, including tips on things that often get overlooked (asking for bathroom dimensions, etc.). There's also some fun bonus information. Did you know that the Sunshine Group shows clients their future views using helicopters, and that Williamsburg's Schaefer Landing is really for the undead? [NYPost]
4) Because sometimes people don't want to buy an entire townhouse (losers), Harlem developers are rushing to convert brownstones and crappy old buildings into condos. Says the Times: "These apartments, typically floor-throughs and duplexes and ranging from $500,000 to $1.6 million, provide the grandeur of town house amenities, like terraces, gardens and fireplaces, and uncommonly good light for Manhattan, at prices far below those in other parts of Manhattan and even the condos with doormen and other amenities now going up on Harlem's avenues." [NYTimes]
5) Speaking of the Stanhope, wouldn't you like to know more about the works of architect Rosario Candela? Yes? Perf. [NYTimes]
6) "I am a 100 percent city girl. It was like when Miranda moved to Brooklyn in 'Sex and the City.' It was an adjustment for me." These are the words of the yuppie at the heart of this week's Hunt column. Improbably, her and her poodle do not wind up in Murray Hill. Bonus Gretsch Building mention, however. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]