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Shark Bites: Home Sale Prices Get on the Map

[It's that every-other-Tuesday, which means it's time for our friends at property research hub PropertyShark to share some goodness from their array of maps. Today, a very special introduction. Read on.]

Hot news to share: this morning, PropertyShark released a beta of its new home sales price mapping tool. Data is limited to properties for which there are government records of transactions, but an overview of a neighborhood offers a view of how much property has turned over in a given timeframe, while property zoom-ins show date of sale, price, and a photo from the PShark database. Very nice.

The move is an attempt to outflank super-secret digital real estate startup, which is rumored to have a tool to calculate property values by block in major U.S. cities including New York. Whether such a tool will work in a particularly dense urban environment like NYC, where properties on the same block can vary widely in price—well, we'll soon find out.
· PropertyShark Sales Map [PropertyShark]