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Breaking: Rivington Street Synagogue Deconstruction?

Potentially very sad news from the Lower East Side. High above Rivington Street, a Curbed correspondent sends along the above photo, taken just moments ago of the First Roumanian-American Congregation Synagogue. (Yes, the synagogue whose roof collapsed a few weekends back.) Notes our correspondent: "Is the Rivington Synagogue coming down? Brick by bring work started early this morning."

On-the-ground investigation by team Curbed notes three workers now on the roof, dismantling the facade brick-by-brick. The care with which they're removing each brick offers some hope that restoration might be in the cards, or that they might just be lowering the roofline, but with a big DEMOLITION sign slapped across the front of the place, the hope is dim. After the jump, three street-level photos of this morning's action.

UPDATE: A Curbed tipster emails, "No, the building is not coming down. That work is part of the emergency repairs to shore up the structure. Probably tearing brick down to a point where the structure is sound and will rebuild from there. At least that is what DOB records indicate. (When a building collapse happens, the commissioners are extremely prescripitve in their advice on how to procede. The architect self-certified the job, it was audited by the DOB and the audit was accepted on 2/1/06. The permit for this work was issued 1/25 and has been valid since.)"

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