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Keeping That $393/mo Pad: A Lost and Found Story

Hunt Grunt (aka the Times' Joyce Cohen) digs up a housing dispute that might have you a) cursing the luck of rent-stabilized tenants and/or b) cursing the fact that such cases happen to tie up the courts from time to time. Having lived in 145 Avenue C, at East 9th St., for more than two decades?and likely weathered a lot of changes in Alphabet City?Patricia Kelly pays $392.92 in monthly rent. What ended her up in court was the plan to sublet her apartment for a "vague period" of time to another woman for a "security deposit" of $1,500.

Why so high? "The apartment was expensively appointed and contained valuable art objects and possessions." Behold your new path to the finer things in life: save money on rent; splurge at the Armory shows. Long story short, Kelly avoided losing her gem of a deal by returning the security deposit, which might've been construed as profiteering if it had been deemed rent money instead. For the medium-length version, try Joyce; for the full-length job, hit up TenantNet itself, where the landlord/tenant law experts assure you: "You may have to consult Kafka, but eventually it may make sense."
· Rent = $392.92 [HuntGrunt]
· Housing Court: 145 Avenue C LLC v. Kelly [TenantNet]