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Rumblings & Bumblings: Welcome to the Dollhouses

[Curbed readers have questions. You have answers. Send 'em to, or drop a note in the comments below. Answers Thursday.]

1) Nolita: "Nolita correspondant here. Across the street from my building (Mott between Houston and Prince) there are two strange things to report. They have been bothering me. a) a seemingly empty store next to the ciao bella with strange dollhouses in the window and little else. Looks deserted. Also looks like prime property to me. What gives? b) a few storefronts down, a completely empty lot (grass and stuff). For awhile there was some phrase painted on the far back wall but I never read what it said. Now there is plywood covering the chain-link-fence that is up next to the sidewalk and blocks off the lot. Plans: any? I want answers!"
2) East Village: "Saw a couple of construction trailers on the 13th street between 2nd/3rd Ave- behind 111 Third Ave. It's been a big empty lot for a half a dozen years+. Would like to know if anybody has anymore details as well."
3) Greenwich Village: "Anyone know what's happening with the space that used to be Strawberry Fields, a mid-sized grocery store at 311 Bleeker, just off Seventh Avenue? It's all boarded up and it looks like there's construction going on. Who's the new tenant?"
4) Upper West Side (redux edition!): a) "I just found out that someone has purchased the building on the South West corner of 72nd & Broadway (just found out!? -ed) and that they plan to tear it down. Do you know what the plans are for that site?" b) Your December 20th Rumblings & Bumblings announced the news of the UWS Equinox/Related big construction project...Have you heard anything more? This will have a major effect on the UWS."