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Curbed Update: Our Team, Your Team?

Take a moment from you busy day to welcome Matt Lobron, the latest miscreant to join Curbed's team as a contributing editor. A former resident of Murray Hill, Matt now reports from the crevasses of the Upper East Side. He joins the truth squad of senior editor Joey Arak, contributing editor Jeremy from CitySpecific, and editor at large Josh Albertson (the man behind Curbed's national rollout) cranking this shit out every day.

As our staff grows, the amount of work I have to do ratchets down accordingly. Which is why we're looking for another NYC staff addition—a bona fide real estate listings junkie. If you spend lunchbreaks and weekends trolling the new black of, or think to yourself when you see a listing on Curbed, "That place used to be on the market for $28,000 more," you're the kind of person we're looking for. Gig is totally part-time, totally underpaid (though monetary units will trade hands), and totally fun. Drop me a line at lock at curbed dot com if you're interested; no attachments, please, just a brief description of yourself and a link to any writings or bloggings available on the web.

We'd also like to summer in the Hamptons this year; if you're the person to get Curbedhampton rolling, well, let's hit the beach. No, really.

Meantime, Josh is looking for some far-flung staffers to help us staff up across this great country. Curbed San Francisco is in the incubator; if you're interested in joining that team, drop him a line at josh at curbed dot com. Similarly, we've got our eyes on Chicago, Washington DC, and Boston, so if you're hot to trot in those villes, do the same. Same drill as above. This will be fun. —LS