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Zillow Launches! (Almost!)

You didn't think we'd let the day get away without a mention of the launch of super-secret, überhyped digital real estate startup, didja? (Wait, don't answer that.) The site, the brainchild of a group of Seattle-based technologists and several very large piles of venture capital money, does not aggregate listings or serve as a broker; rather, it offers data on 60 million properties, whether for sale or not, while cool satellite views of a neighborhood offer "Zestimates" on what properties are worth.

This all actually worked remarkably well just past midnight last night, but in cold light of launch, Zillow has been unavailable most of the day. Go ahead and click (no Safari support, natch) and you might get lucky, but best to wait a day until they've gone datacenter on their own ass, at which point we'll check back in and really give this baby a full spin, and see how it stacks up to existing players like PropertyShark.
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