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Hudson Square/HoHo/WeVar Update: Verbal Shrugged

The raging debate about what to call the neighborhood sort of known as Hudson Square (WeVar? HoHo?) returns to a familiar venue today: the NYT restaurant review page. Sez today's $25 and Under review:

It seems that no one knows what to call the neighborhood that Giorgione 508 calls home. Jorge Neves, a partner in the two-month-old spot, its older sibling Giorgione around the corner and the Portuguese restaurant Pão up the block — someone who should by all accounts have a name for where he goes to work every day — gave what amounted to a verbal shrug when I put the question to him.
Okay, folks, that's two confused critics in the span of three weeks. Can someone please make a decision here, at least for Bruni's sake?
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