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Tears in Heaven: Weeping Over the UES Air Rights Deal

Remember the developer Zeckendorf brothers' record-price air-rights deal over on the Upper East Side? Well, some at the Grolier Club are having a massive case of seller's remorse. Seems $6.9 million didn't feel just right to some, even though it would double the club's endowment, while others would've prefered more space as opposed to less air. Of course, getting anyone to come out and admit this was not in the cards for the unfortunate Times reporter: "Getting the opponents of the sale to voice their concerns for the record has proved challenging."

Meanwhile next door, Christ Church, which is planning to use its $30 million chunk of change for charity work, is wondering what all the weeping is about?and hoping the transaction isn't scuttled by the conflicted neighbors, whose participation is pivotal because of those wacky air-rights rules. Says the church's broker of the dissenting bibliophiles: "I've been surprised at the lengths to which they've gone to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory."
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