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For Once, Confusion in Chelsea Unrelated to Sex

Yesterday we told you that the Beacon Tower building had officially reached WTF??? status. That was the Brooklyn edition. For Manhattanites, that honorable distinction goes to former Curbed hot topic 101 West 23rd Street. Before we get to the apartment shown in the pictures above, let's review some history. Back in October, an apartment in 101w23 looked vastly underpriced after a PriceChop, but the maintenance was curiously high. Then a bunch of readers wrote in to call bullshit on the entire building. Then there was a stirring defense of the building, which we believed, although the underpricing/maintenance question went unanswered (still there? It gets better). Plus, we just checked that original listing, and the price has actually been raised a whopping $151,000, to $650,000.

What gives? We have no friggin' clue, except to tell you that another apartment in the building has hit the market. And at $575,000 for over 1,000 square feet, it too seems underpriced. But don't forget about that $1,746 maintenance. And don't forget that we have no idea what the fuck is going on here.
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