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The Bathroom at Versailles Is Smaller

At 450 square feet and with its own terrace, who wouldn't feel like Louis XIV sitting on this throne in this bathroom? The asking price for this 4,800 square foot apartment in the Tribeca Ice House is $8.25 million, meaning that the bathroom alone is valued at over $750k--that is some serious shit (couldn't resist). Anyway, Motoko Rich from The Walk-Through has the scoop:

When a colleague and I first perused this listing, we thought that surely, the floorplan showing a 25â?² by 18â?² master bathroom with a 200 square foot terrace was a mistake. But a call to the broker, Deborah Grubman, confirmed that this was not an error. She said the seller, who originally bought the apartment from the developer, bought the space raw and configured it with the enormous bathroom. “It’s kind of like a family room,” she said, noting the two-seater sofa and fireplace. More importantly, Corcoran is really dropping the ball, because if this isn't a perfect opportunity for the Arrange-a-Room, then what is?
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