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Hey Harlem, Make My Cake

Our favorite chronicler of Morningside Park fowl and Harlem gentrification, Joe Schumacher, writes about neighborhood change on West 116th Street: "The flatiron building at 116th and St. Nicholas is being renovated. Slowly, ever so slowly, renovated. In the few years since people moved back into the building a beauty salon and a dollar store have opened. Yesterday, I noticed the 'Make My Cake' sign. Just what I need on the way to work! They used to be at 110th and Lenox but closed a few months ago (that building looks like it is about to be torn down). I think there's another Make My Cake further uptown."

We're embarrassingly unaware of this Make My Cake microtrend. Uptown's answer to Trader Joe's? It's certainly got a charmant little website. Add a case selling $2 bottles of wine and we're going national, baby!
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