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40 Bond: Fighting the Status Quo at $2,800/sf

Today's essential reading comes to us from the Times' Design Journal, penned by Julie Iovine and containing everything you ever wanted to know about Ian Schrager's "top secret" 40 Bond project. There has been much speculation in regards to what the building will look like, considering the price, pedigree and deafening churn of the buzz machine. As it turns out, $2,800 per square foot will get you a whole lot of ... graffiti:

Along the street, a cast-aluminum fence intended as a bold update on 19th-century cast-iron gates will look something like spray-foam squiggles, a nostalgic reference to the graffiti that once defaced many city surfaces. The graffiti pattern recurs throughout the project, most noticeably in the lobby, where it is etched on towering walls of wavy white Corian.For more awesome tagging action, check out the 40 Bond website. Now that's edgy Flash! And bonus points go to the not-so-under-the-surface snarkyness that runs through the entire article, including a development corporation's director of planning calling the marketing of architecture "played out," and Iovine herself totally and utterly serving Schrager right at the end. Genius. DOUBLE BONUS: Do check out The Gutter's coverage of the 40 Bond press orgy, which includes a confrontation on condo cliches and a shocking review of Nobu's black cod.
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