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Hoboken Too Hip for AmApp, or Not Hip Enough?

Back in September, we were a little flip to our Hoboken hipster friends, shunning the opening of their American Apparel outpost. American Apparel, as you probably already know, is the clothing company with the frisky owner that's rising to the top thanks to a soft-core porn ad campaign and the incessant reminder that their plain T-shirts cost $25 because they are made by downtown Angelinos instead of underage Filipinos. And you know what? We still don't really care, but here's the scoop anyway, courtesy of a tipster:

To local real estate mavens' surprise A.A. closed for good this week, clearing out merchandise and fixtures down to the brick walls. No word as to why the sudden exit. Presumably anyone who wanted crummy T-shirts was taking the many, many A.A. opportunities in Manhattan to buy them. Looks like, as always, the sweatshops win.
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