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Freeman's Alley: From Darkness Into Light

Summer 2004. In the time before La Esquina, there was a hidden little joint called Freeman's. And the hipsters came. And, well, so did Sunday Styles. Yet a year and a half later, the tiny cul-de-sac de Lower East Side that gave Freeman's its name remains virtually unknown, if the press release in our inbox noting the sale of that brick building on the corner (above) for $8.45 million is to be believed:

8-10 Rivington Street, just east of The Bowery on the corner of little-known Freeman Alley, sold for a gross multiple of nearly 13 times the rent roll, clearly indicating that even walk-up apartment buildings, in formerly obscure 'off the beaten track' City neighborhoods are fetching top dollar.Let us hope this sale gives this poor, lonely alley the attention it so richly deserves. (Further evidence of the alley's obscurity: Eater reported last week that Freeman's is expanding.)
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