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The Official Alternatives to Craigslist List (Redux)

Yesterday's post about alternatives to Craigslist saw a flood of reader comments and mail to our inbox chiding us for sites we'd missed. Herewith, a selected addendum (see comments from yesterday for more):

· GetItSellIt. Another newcomer in search of listings and users
· Google Base. Duh. Sucks in RSS feeds, or post your own
· ListSomething. Sleek design, but virtually no NYC listings as of yet
· Northboard. Ditto, brand new and seeking love
· UrbanBaby Classifieds. Plus free message board insanity!
· TopNYCApts. Free listings, but user registration required (ugh)

Our takeaway: at this point, still ain't nothing like the Craigthing. In that spirit, our new bff Bagel in Harlem details her experience finding an apartment in East Harlem on Craigslist: "If you don't see pictures, the broker doesn't get your bagel." Read on for more of her advice.
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