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Wherefore Art Thou, 99 Gold?

A reader sends in this query regarding the status of the conversion of 99 Gold Street in Vinegar Hill:

I was hoping that someone might have some information on a development that seems to have gone eerily quiet these last few months; 99 Gold Street (Vinegar Hill Loft Conversion). I cannot find any details on a sales office, their website has been unchanged forever, and supposedly occupancy was to begin in "Early 2006."The 88 loft apartments at 99 Gold Street were supposed to go on sale in February, with a spring move-in. That was reported in November, just as a fire was tearing through the former Slam Bam Fun Merchandise factory, causing an apparent construction delay. Still, though, in this highly speculative market with the condo-conversion madness and the Brooklyn mania and the loft-loving and the Jell-o Pudding Pops and the heyhey, is the fire reason enough to delay putting the units on sale? Who's got some dish?
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