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Flatiron Breaks Free of Scaffolding Shackles, Part 3

Because great things come in threes and New Yorkers love to spy on their neighbors, we present the thrilling conclusion to today's Flatiron fixation: actual workers braving the high winds to tear down scaffolding. Our man on the street has been filing feverish reports:

I first noticed a couple of floors gone Wednesday night, but didn't have a camera. So they took down 6 stories on Thursday. Tell your photoblogger pals that it's a good day for someone with a tripod and a lot of time on their hands to take progressive pix. [Then later, we get this?ed.] They were moving pretty fast yesterday, but they don't seem to have dismantled more than one floor's worth between 8:30a and noon Friday.

It's not too late! Three more hours of light! Brave the gusts! Get out there!
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