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Eater Tastings: Church, State, and Booze

Inside Pre:Post, a new offering to the kids on West 27th, offering food and drink before (Pre!) and after (Post!) prime club land hours. Photo by Kalina.

More good dish from the Curbed/SLNY NYC restaurant blog Eater...

1) Eater's PR move of the week goes to Bubble Lounge, which in the face of a liquor-license revocation, has taken it to the blogs, noting that the problem isn't just the lounge itself but "post-prohibition paranoid laws and the unconstitutional violation of the separation of church and state."
2) New York City for sale: Oliva on East Houston. And more on Steven Kamali, your friendly neighborhood bar and restaurant salesman.
3) Plywood report: Zak Pelaccio of Fatty Crab and Five Ninth is opening a gargantuan resto/lounge on 27th and Fifth Ave, replete with "tricked out dim-sum carts," the Soupman cometh to Harlem, and a new "sports lounge" for 2nd Ave. and 6th.
4) Buddakan IMterview: "The edamame dumplings were light, with an ethereal edamame filling that was very rich."

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