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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Introducing...Gramurray (64 comments)
"i'm amazed anybody cares enough about this dumpy neighborhood to argue over its nickname."
2) Bushwick and the Next Cool Neighborhood Meme (57 comments)
"Everyone said, 'I hear it's up- and coming' so I quickly picked an apartment so I could start my job. IT WAS AWFUL. I have never smelled such horrid stuff, stepped over so much dog shit, or seen such poor quailty grocery stores. The only conveicable reason that someone would be belive the hype is that no one ever bothers to go there."
3) FSBO Fever: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (47 comments)
"I went to numerous open houses last weekend and saw the same type of stuff, only in person. It really amazes me how little effort people who are selling their homes put into just doing some basic cleaning and clutter removal. This is not just relegated to the FSBO community."
4) Three Cents Worth: The Supply-Demand Helix (30 comments)
"Could be a Venezuelan businessman or a heart surgeon from Bloomfield Hills Michigan, or a new Google millionaire, or anyone. NY has a unique position as this magnet destination that is not true of Houston or San Diego or Atlanta. If all the affluent people in the world decide NY is where they want to have a place this could go on for quite some time."