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Caritas: The Most Self-Sacrificial of Private CT Islands

You can all stomach a little out-of-town luxury now and then, right? Especially when it's one of Forbes' "Most Expensive Private Islands 2006" and it's being touted as a nearby "escape [from] the frenetic pace of Manhattan." Listing agent Sotheby's is a bit coy about the asking price for Caritas Island, off the coast of Stamford, but Forbes claims it's $25 million plus, or about 20.8 million, if you'll be paying for that in euros.

More for the numerically aroused: 11 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, one (only one?) half-bathroom, four-acre compound, 200-foot pier, 280-degree (what, not 360?) open views of Long Island Sound, three-plus fireplaces, four dog kennels, a garage for either five-plus or nine cars (seems to be some confusion there), two pools, and one beach. We could go on, but we see you nodding off in the back row there, so it's time of a pop quiz: Write a five-paragraph essay on the definition of caritas.
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