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Random Friday Puzzle: Cite the 7WTC Source Matter

Since we seem to be having a very OCD day (could it be the warm weather? the dreams of spring break?) here at Curbed today, behold another pic from one of our new obsessions?the Jenny Holzer-tested, Klara Silverstein-approved word zipper at 7 World Trade Center?slipped under the door to our collective consciousness by faithful Curbed Flickr pool devotee emily geoff. We might be asking a bit much of you here, but ... your mission, should you choose to accept it, is decipher what words are scrolling and link us up to the original quotation. (You might recall that last time it was Le Corbusier on the GWB?) Another photo after the jump.

· 7WTC Word Zipper Spouts Le Corbusier [Curbed]