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The Case of the Mysterious Wrapped Building

Well, not so mysterious. It's actually a new condo development called The Ivy, in East Harlem on 118th Street. But we're curious about the secrecy surrounding the building, seen here in a photo from the Curbed Flickr photo pool. What the heck is it going to look like? We made out the names of the Warburg brokers listed on the sign, but the pages of Leo Munoz and Ellen Shandalow yield no information. Then we searched long and hard, but found no other leads (OK, we got lazy after a Google search and gave up). We're secretly hoping this entire building is a gift from a real estate developer to his kid, and come Christmas the lucky pip-squeak will unwrap his or her new toy. Should we just go with that?
· The Ivy - East Harlem Condo [Mattitude/flickr]