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Halstead's Demographics: Macho, Fey

With Corcoran's newly launched ad campaign doffing its shirt in a media outlet near you, other brokerages have to ramp up their own campaigns, lest they be left staring into the cold, dead eyes of the Corcoran baby. A tipster passed along this casting call for a Halstead print ad, slated to run in local print media and phone kiosks for four months. While containing nothing earth-shattering, we do get a glimpse at the crowds Halstead is trying to attract:

Client: Halstead Real Estate
Casting Director: Impossible Casting
Shoot Date: Mar. 13
Day Length: 3 hours
Location: NY

[ MALE ]
25-35 Downtown artsy type/SoHo type, can look macho or fey - any ethnicity.
50-65 Old Money Downtown type - caucasian
[ MALE ]
40's Wallstreet type - caucasian.
25-35 Confident/independent entrepeneaur type - caucasian.

Now if only the 25-35 confident/independent entrepeneaur type could just get the 25-35 downtown artsy type/SoHo type to grow up and get a real job, then Wallstreet dad and Old Money mom would let him back into the family.
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