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Respect for Our Graphical Geniuses

If you missed it, yesterday saw the launch of our third city site, Curbed SF. Our new Bay Area outpost, like each Curbed site we've launched so far (including Curbed LA, The Gutter, and Eater) looks as snazzy as it does in large part because of the graphical work of Khoi Uong, better known as the photoblogger Infrangible. As a special treat in Khoi's honor, click through to his site to check out the progression of designs that led us to the final Curbed SF logo. (Postscript: eternal shoutouts, too, to Eliot Shepard, the man who keeps all the Curbed sites humming technically and his photoblog looking sharp as a houndstooth every day.)
· Curbed SF Treatments [Infrangible]