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Broker Blogwrap: Liberal Capitalists & X-Sexy Sells

1) Property Grunt responds to yesterday's Curbed item about crappy FSBOs in his inimitable style: "My first experience in retail was working at a comic book store and I don't care what anyone says, comic book customers can be really nasty." [Property Grunt]
2) Speaking of FSBOs, we've mentioned this before, but its sheer utility bears repeating: most every Friday, Elliman's Lisa Maysonet blogs the weekend's FSBO listings from the NYT real estate section. It's like chocolate and peanut butter, together for the first time. [CityVu]
3) Hyper-detailed report from Tuesday night's Real Deal New Development Forum: "Jeff Levine threw in some anarchist type statements which we found odd for a person in his economic position, but hey it’s New York even capitalists are liberals." [HHRealtyBlog; more at The Real Deal]
4) Further reports from the sex sells beat (above). [UrbanDigs]