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What ATWT Set Designer Can Do for Your Apt.

If you find yourself drooling over the Emmy-licious sets as much as the steamy cast of "As The World Turns" (and you happen to be selling your condo), perhaps you should make an appointment with Barbara Centrone Interiors, which recently scored a tip o' the hat from New York magazine for "Best Apartment Stager" this year. She's worked with the likes of James Gandolfini and Roland Emmerich, and apparently knows how to shine up your space like a brick of bullion (listings under $2 million need not apply). Sample solution:

What to do for a room with an arched stained-glass wall? Bring in an antique thronelike chair and a standing candelabra, and make the room the hero instead of the villain.
Of course, we're a bit disappointed that Bob and Bonnie didn't get a NYM nod for "Brokers Most in Need of Remedial Staging Classes."
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