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Public Place, Gowanus Canal: Emphasis on the Public

While the Gowanites await their Whole Foods, some public-service-minded urban planning grad students at NYU have come up with something to pass the time. They're surveying those who live, breathe and toil within about half a mile of the Gowanus Canal (and only those fortunate folk, mind you) on what to do with the city-owned plot outlined above:

The Public Place site is located on the west side of the canal and bounded by Smith Street, Huntington Street, 5th Street, Hoyt Street, 4th Street, and the canal. At seven acres, the site is the largest city-owned parcel in the area. We are interested in understanding the opinions of redevelopment ...Here's your chance to turn those toxic-sludge memories into seven-sided waterfront bliss. Non-Gowanites are free to comment below.
· Public Place: Visioning the Gowanus Canal Waterfront [NYU Wagner]
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