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Ask Curbed: Will the Revolution Be Condo-ized?

An aggrieved reader writes in on the common pains of the city co-operative:

It often amazes me that in perhaps the most progressive city in the world, most New York apartment owners are forced to contend with a highly outdated and restrictive mode of building government. Shouldn't there be some sort of revolt against these co-op board dictatorships? I bought a condo because I couldn't bear the thought of living under yet another autocratic government. [Bush administration joke redacted for the faint of party]

What do you think?is there any hope for any widespread change? Or will it just be a gradual transition as more and more condos are built?

So what say you, fair readers: Was it ever thus? Were NYC housing co-ops and their boards supposed to have high-and-mightier ideals or was that just some pipe dream of a philosophy?