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'Sopranos' Impose Curfew on the City?

Cabbie blogger New York Hack noticed the streets of New York, especially the ones around Hell's Kitchen, were a bit too empty for her liking last night, and she blames a certain mob-themed season premiere on HBO last night:

This explains why the city was a total dead zone after 8:00 pm tonight. The only people out were the cabbies, the cops, and the garbage men, as well as a few random stragglers and tourists. ... The Hustler Club ... certainly had good reason to be closed, and there was a strange absence of shady characters outside the Port Authority Bus Terminal. I guess everyone, including the regular strip-club patrons, the loiterers, and the homeless, managed to find their way to a cable-equipped television tonight.
Now if only we had some drop-in-crime stats in hand, we could prove that fake yet well-scripted dirty dealings cut down on real ones.
· Feng Shui [NYHack via NewYorkology]