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Online Flipping Rough on the Tum-Tum

While you were out scouring for Hamptons summer shares this weekend, real estate broker and anonyblogger Property Grunt (left) was busy sharpening his knives, eager to dig into the people at the center of a Times story on online real estate scams. What does PropGrunt think about people who get snookered on eBay home transactions? Well, after comparing them all to Stimpy, he goes on a nearly paragraph-by-paragraph assault, thrashing the entire city of Buffalo in the process. And then there's the bodily functions:

In other words people are treating real estate like an all you can eat chinese buffet. As long as it is cheap and they can fill themselves up to their heart's content they are happy. It doesn't matter if the food is substandard and will give them the mud butt. A brand name can only do so much. People need to make the effort to protect themselves.If you're buying a house in a city nearly 2,000 miles away on eBay for $3,000, please, remember to take your Imodium.
· Some Finding Perils in Online Real Estate [NYT]